IT’S BACK…The SC Shad Returns!

IT’S BACK…The SC Shad Returns!

This will be your new favorite shad-style crankbait. That’s a bold statement, but just wait and see!

These Bullet Points tell the story!

• The Colors/Finishes: Prism Shad, Rainbow Trout, Himenmasu, Crystal Black Pearl, Gold Orange and Bubble Gum

• The wobble

• The Casting

• 2-1/8″

• 1′-2′ Diving

• The Balance

• VMC #12 Treble Hooks

• Perfect with 6- or 15-lb. test J-Braid x8 braided line

You don’t need a long article to let you know that you need this bait in your box!

Send in your photos to [email protected] We will have a monthly drawing through June 2021 for a free spool of J-Braid line!

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