Selecting Marine Battery Types

Selecting Marine Battery Types


These batteries feature a heavy charge and discharge cycle, making them perfect for long-lasting power. If you’re operating a trolling motor, live well pump, depth finder or fish locator, a deep cycle marine battery generates the reliable, durable energy you need.

DUAL PURPOSE (starting/cycling)

Looking for something that does a little of everything? Dual purpose batteries provide the strong starting power you need for your engine, as well as the cycling capacity to keep your accessories running smoothly.


Starting batteries provide the fast, strong power you need to take your speedboat adventure to the top. These batteries are best for powering an inboard/outboard motor, as well as accessories like marine lights and radio communications.


Trolling Motor – Deep Cycle / Dual Purpose

Live Well Pump – Deep Cycle / Dual Purpose

Outboard Motor – Dual Purpose / Starting

Marine Lights – Dual Purpose / Starting

Fish Finders – Deep Cycle / Dual Purpose

Not sure which battery is best for your boat? Take a look & compare.

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