You can fish this amazing lake….

Lake Picachos …a place where double catches happen all day long!!

As the dog days of hot Summer begin here in the U.S. and our fishing season in Mexico is coming to an end at Picachos (Comedero and El Salto have already ended), NOW is the time to get your dates secured for next season! This past season on Lake Picachos was our very best fishing in the 6 years since it opened and since we’ve been fishing the lake. Yes, even better than the first year or two. Why? I’ll tell you why…because those bass are growing up in a hurry now! From our first group of the season which started last October until our most recent group that fished a week ago, we never experienced one single week of poor fishing….not even a week of mediocre fishing. The constant action and ridiculous numbers of bass being caught daily have yet to show signs of declining. Add to that, the average size continues to increase every season.

Brad Sayre proves the bass are growing up in Picachos!!

In my last update (March), I talked about there being trophy bass in Picachos…and it is 100% factual! I also mentioned that I am not ready to declare Picachos a trophy bass lake yet…because until those bigger bass (8 lbs and larger) move to shallower water depths so our customers can catch them on shallow running lures, then I do not believe it would be “right” to declare Picachos a true trophy bass lake. It is all about setting our customers’ expectations at a proper level. My father Ron Speed, Sr, was a pioneer in this Mexico fishing business and built a great reputation over 43 successful years for “telling it like it is.” He instilled in me to do the same…TELL THE TRUTH! I’ll tell you, it’s difficult for me to hold back talking about the big bass that are already in Picachos because I KNOW THEY ARE THERE! I’ve caught them…I’ve seen other anglers catch them…and I know I can go there TODAY and catch them! However, that requires sacrificing “some” numbers and action! Reason being…and as I stated in March, the majority of those bigger bass live in deeper water where there’s less pressure from not only commercial fishermen and nets, but also from the bass fishermen. However, make no mistake about it…those big toads are out there and it will not be too long in the future that we’ll be giving updates of all the giant bass being caught in Picachos.

This is becoming the average size catch at Lake Picachos Now!!

Now let’s talk about the everyday fishing of Picachos. This lake is not only the hottest bass lake currently in Mexico but it’s probably the best bass lake in the world and I don’t think it’s close. I just returned from 39 days straight in Mexico and spent my last 2 1/2 weeks of the trip at Picachos. I have been in this business for more than 3 decades and been fishing Mexico for almost 5 decades…to include some of the best lakes that Mexico has offered over those 50 years such as Guerrero in its early prime years. I can tell you that I have never fished a lake that had this many bass in it…and I’ve never seen nor fished a lake that you can go fish every day and pull up to just about any area of the lake and catch all of the bass you desire. Picachos is alone in that category! There seems to be absolutely no “let up” on the fishing at Picachos! It just keeps getting better and better with the average size increasing every year! That first season (2013/2014) we saw our customers averaging 150 – 200 bass per day but the average size was around 1 3/4 lbs. Today, we’re still averaging close to 150 bass per day per boat but the average size is around 3 1/2 – 3 3/4 lbs! That may not seem like a big jump when you first think about it….but remember, that’s an average size of catching 150 bass per day. That means you are catching A LOT of bigger bass…many 4 – 5 lbs bass…and even larger! Every day our customers come in for lunch or at the end of the day with some reporting catching bass in the 6 – 8 lbs class! Every day it happens! When you catch that many bass and almost half of them are 4 lbs and larger, that’s OUTSTANDING! That also means a lot of tired arms, hands and wrists! The most important thing it means is….A LOT OF FUN! That’s right, there’s no bass lake in the world more fun to fish than Lake Picachos! Take that to the bank!

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