Fish Lakes Casitas & Cachuma!

Fish Lakes Casitas & Cachuma!

There are few anglers that have the opportunity to fish on Lake Casitas or Lake Cachuma. With the stringent quarantine process that each lake has in place, there are very few boats that are “Tagged Out” for these waters. The tagging process is due to the concerns of the Quagga Mussel. After boat inspection, boats have to stay quarantined for a full month without use. And to stay eligible, the boat can only be used at that one lake. This is more than most anglers are willing to sacrafice.

Why fish Lake Casitas? Lake Casitas is famous for producing some of the largest Bass ever caught, anywhere in the world! And, some of the largest limits ever recorded… This is not just a “get lucky and catch one big fish” lake. This is a great fishery, that also has lots of giant bass.

This lake was a favorite for bass anglers and bass tournaments since the 1970’s. In 1990, American Bass even did a re-stock of the Florida Bass that made this lake famous. This was done to “Boost” the gene-pool to insure decades-more of the giant bass excitement at Casitas.

Due to the limited number of boats that are eligible to launch on Casitas, most anglers do not have an “in” to fish here. No problem…You can call Fred Klinshaw! Fred Klinshaw is a licensed guide that can take you fishing on famous Lake Casitas! You will have a great day on the water. Fred is an experienced tournament angler and is one of the best fishing guides in California.

Fred also guides on Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara County. Lake Cachuma is a beautiful lake set in the hills on the Santa Ynez Valley. The last drought left the launch ramps at Cachuma “high & dry”. When the rains came, the bass population exploded! The issue here is the same as Lake Casitas…the quarantine period. Well, Fred has you covered, he has 2 boats. He has one on Casitas and one on Cachuma.

There are no guarantees in catching bass, but you can bank on the fact that Fred will work hard to make your day on Lake Casitas or Lake Cachuma as successful as the fish allow!

Call Fred to set up a trip. His schedule is pretty full so the sooner you call, the more likely you are to reserving your dates. (805) 630-0160