Butch Brown Gizzard Shad Slide Swimmer 145 and 175

Butch Brown Gizzard Shad Slide Swimmer 145 and 175

Deadly trout bait “slide swimmer” which was created by a completely new manufacturing method from a concept different from all the big baits so far called weak wave / soft sound.
Covered with a sublimated body material “ABS resin hollow core” and a real soft shell, this big bait has its own soft sound, unlimited soft wave and texture close to the real thing, swiming unprotected in straight retrieve baits In a twitch or jerk that reproduces fish and scarred weak dying baitfish in a realistic manner and responds promptly to rod operation, it boasts a high strike rate by giving “between” to induce bytes at the point here.
A secondary action that is generated by a soft shell overhanging the front core body, a secondary action generated by pushing the rear body back in elasticity, a unique life that the water through duct takes in the water flow from the face surface and brings it to a soft shell with a slight deflection Feelings deceive monsters with a quiet appeal.
It is not just a real or just a soft one, the characteristic which can not be imitated only by the “slide swimmer” makes the big bait game more reliable.

hollow core body which shows sharp and dirty dart action than ABS CORE BODY makes clear color setting and installation of spring weight micro vibration system possible.
Weight is installed outside the front core body, you can easily do weight tune if you remove the soft shell.

The spring weight system mounted on the head part induces a bite with a knocking sound in which a vibrant minute vibration is struck on the inner wall at the time of jerk because the weight is rocked.

The “floating model” of the silent type where the Spring Weight System was omittled can invite a bite by a thrilling action that made the water surface conscious. Also, if you remove the front soft shell and add weight to it, it becomes possible to tune to the silent specification sinking type, and it widens the width of the capture greatly.


ABS The insert plate built into the core body is a model that appeals in dull refreshing glittering through the shell.
The spring weight system is not mounted yet, but the front body is equipped with a Φ 7 mm steel rattle ball.

The damper effect of the soft shell protruding beyond the core body of the front not only suppresses the noise generated by the collision of the joints but also the secondary action generated by pushing the rear body back in elastic to create a live wave I will. ■ WATER THROUGH DUCT The duct provided between the core body and the soft shell takes in the water flow inside the body at the time of retrieving and discharges at the joint. Soft shell with a slight deflection creates a unique sense of life.

■ HOOK (175: # 1/145: # 3)
Hooks that are strongly conscious of the monster classes, not only tough but boasts outstanding penetrating power with extremely smooth surface treatment.
Also the tin (tin) coat finish close to the protective color like the abdomen of baitfish camouflages the existence of hook.

meandering action swimming with glittering swallowing realistically reproduces the baitfish which swims unprotected and the weak dying baitfish with scratches, stimulates foodiness and aggression and triggers a bite. A range capture range becomes possible by the retention angle of the rod and the retrieve speed.

Rod responsive to the operation promptly responds to the high response unique to the ripple model, invading the territory without implication and irritated behavior irregular behavior, triggering a byte at the point here “between” We are proud of high strike rate.

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