Need Tackle Space, Get A Barn!

Need Tackle Space, Get A Barn!

Born of a Barn

Daiwa’s new Tackle Barn founded on pioneering design and functionality 

One of the biggest challenge’s anglers face is managing tackle in real-time, on-the-water. Masterfully storing and toting your gear is one thing; keeping matters organized while fishing is another. For the first time, both pregame and game-time management is addressed in one tackle storage solution: Daiwa’s new Tackle Barn. 

The root of the brilliance are the Tackle Barn’s double topside gullwing doors, which give the clever tackle bag a barn shape, not the typical square or rectangular profile. Due to the ingenious design, tackle utility boxes are quickly and easily pulled out, swapped, and returned intact faster and more organized than recipe cards. This, unlike conventional tackle bags where, as you know, utility boxes end up strewn all over the boat. The distinctive, matched gullwing covers are easy to open and close, too, thanks to resilient hook and loop attachments. 

The Tackle Barn’s durability and stormproof properties go from the from the ground up. Its waterproof base is specially reinforced to withstand real-life handling and splashed water that unavoidably rolls across the deck, always keeping its contents dry.  

The Tackle Barn is shockingly spacious, too. It comes complete with four Daiwa 370 utility boxes and four 360 utility boxes and will accommodate another four 370 or 360 size boxes. Despite its spaciousness, the Tackle Barn easily stows under most boat steering counsels. 

And we haven’t even discussed the amenities… Furthering the Tackle Barn’s one-stop-shop stature, the ingenious tackle bag features a built-in, retractable leader spool wheel, durable sunglasses holder, beverage holder, and water-resistant tool and cell phone pouches. The storage pouches open and close with multiple #8 and #10 nylon zippers for a long, rustproof life.

Ingeniously, Daiwa’s Tackle Barn also features a retractable storm cover, which blankets the entire bag. Rains move in, easily cloak the Tackle Barn, and your gear is further protected from the elements.  

Haul the Tackle Barn with either the built-in topside handle or included, removable shoulder strap. Unlike other tackle bags on the market, the Tackle Barn’s adjustable shoulder strap features a soft rubber grip pad to eliminate the nuisance of gear sliding off your shoulder on the dock or trail.

Leave it to the creative minds at Daiwa to engineer yet another best-of-the-best fishing product.

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