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American Bass “TEAM TOURNAMENTS” ...

The Biggest Team Circuit Ever In The Western U.S.!!!

"Fish for the Best CASH Paybacks and the best prizes in the West!"

What Are 
American Bass 

American Bass "Team Tournaments" are competitive Bass fishing events that are open to all American Bass members. Each team consists of two American Bass members. (It is permissible for one member to fish alone if they do not have a partner or if their partner can not attend the event). American Bass has many special "Category" teams, most of these are family oriented such as Father/Son, Father/Daughter, Brother/Sister etc. Call American Bass for details. Each team is fishing for their best 5 Bass limit (unless the lake limit is less than 5 Bass). All fishing must be done from a boat, one team per boat. Each boat must be equipped with an aerated livewell (a large ice chest with a battery powered aerator may do, call for details). Only artificial lures may be used. 
At weigh-in time each team brings in their fish. The Bass are weighed and released. After the weigh-in is complete, there are lots of prizes given away and the CASH and awards are presented!
The reward for fishing the entire season is the invitation to compete in the American bass Team Classics!  Each team that enters a minimum of 5 events in a single season qualifies for one Team Classic.  If you enter 6 or more events in one season, you qualify for all three Team Classic’s. These are the richest Team Events in the entire Western United States!
If you think this sounds like fun, give us a call. We have events scheduled in regions throughout the Western States. There are probably some close to you. So call your best fishing buddy and start making plans to fish American Bass TEAMS! American Bass Team Tournaments are the #1 Team events in the entire West. We would like to see you be a part of these exciting events! If you have any questions call American Bass at (714) 423-4532 or see the complete tournament schedule and the phone number of the Regional Tournament Director in your area!

American Bass "Team Tournaments" are FUN!

Here are some more details

The American Bass 
Team Tournament Trail

ANY 2 AMERICAN BASS MEMBERS CAN FISH TOGETHER AS A TEAM! Fish any region or fish the "Travelers" region in any of our 3 Divisions to qualify for one or more of the "American Bass Team Classic Fishoffs". Your best 5 out of 6 events count for your Angler-of-the-Year standings.  Each team that enters a minimum of 5 events in a single season qualifies for one Team Classic.  If you enter 6 or more events in one season, you qualify for all three Team Classic’s. 


• The Best Paybacks • The Best Coverage & Publicity • Boat + The Biggest CASH Fishoff Purse • Best 5 of 6 Event Format • Cash Paid To 1 in 5 Teams - Top 20 Paid (based on 100 entries) • 5 Bass Limit (Unless lake limits are less) • Categories • 100% Option Pots • The Most Prizes • The Best Lakes At The Best Times Of The Year • The Most Options Of Lakes To Fish (Travelers Region) • The Most Manufacturers Support •

'American Bass Travelers' Region!
The Ultimate Team Circuit!

The "American Bass Travelers" region allows you to put together your own schedule! Now you can fish the lakes you want to fish when you want to fish them. This is also the ideal division for anglers who's schedules make it difficult to participate in just one region. This is also ideal for anglers who want to participate in more tournaments. Here's how it works: Fish American Bass “Team Tournament” events in 2 or more “Regions” in any one “Division” (North, Northwest or South) during any season. We will total up your points from your BEST 5 finishes from the season. A maximum of 3 events from any single region will be counted. You CAN fish all 6 of the events in any one region, only the best 3 can be counted for Traveler’s points. The top 50 teams, plus ties, will qualify for that seasons "American Bass Team Classic Fishoff"! Example: If you fish 7 different "American Bass Team Tournaments" in the South Division during a season and your best finishes were 2 events in the So Cal Region, 1 event in the Inland Empire Region and 1 event in the San Diego Region and 1 event in the Nevada Region, those would be the points totaled up for your "American Bass Travelers" region total. You will still keep your points in each region also. The "Anglers of the Year" for Travelers will be determined by the most total points from 5 events. There are separate "Travelers" Regions for the North, Northwest and South Divisions. Many anglers consider the "Traveler's Region Anglers of the Year" title in American Bass to be the Ultimate Prize for Team Anglers in the West! If you need additional info please call American Bass at (714) 423-4532.

"American Bass Categories"

American Bass Categories are designed to promote family participation. At each event a special award and product prize will be presented to the highest finishing team in each category. In addition, the highest finishing team out of the top 30 in each category at the end of the season will qualify for the Team Classic Fishoff! You must compete in a minimum of 5 events in any ONE region to qualify for the Classic. Call for details (714) 423-4532. 
Here are the categories: Husband/Wife, Father/Son (under 16 yrs.), Boy/Girl, Father/Daughter (under 16 yrs.), Mother/Son (under 16 yrs.), Bassin' Gals, Adult/Youth (under 16 yrs), Singles (one angler team)

"Team Classic Championship Fishoffs" 
(North, Northwest & South Divisions)

Points are awarded to the top 100 finishing teams at each "American Bass Team Tournament", 100 pts to 1st place, 99 pts to 2nd place and so on. Each team also receives 10 participation points at each tournament they participate in. The top points team for the year, in each regular region, and the top "American Bass Travelers" region team will receive five basic entries in that region for the next season.   
Each team that enters a minimum of 5 events in a single season qualifies for one Team Classic.  If you enter 6 or more events in one season, you qualify for all three Team Classic’s.

Check with each Regional 
Tournament Director for pre-fish limitations for each event!

Team Tournament Entry Fees
Team Entry : $185.00
Conservation Fund( mandatory): $5.00
Insurance (mandatory): $10.00

Additional Lake/Event fees may apply

American Bass Team Tournaments Pay Cash to 1 out of Every 5 Boats based on paid entries!

American Bass Options! All Options Feature 100% Payback!
American Bass Options give you a chance to win even more CASH!
(Not all options are offered in each region. Fees may vary by region. Call the Regional Tournament Director in each region for details)

These are optional

(check with the director of your region to see what options will be available and what price they will be)
Dr. Plots Option (pays 1 out of 10): $??.?? (Ask your Regional Director for Price & Availability)
Big Fish Option (pays 5 places): $??.?? (Ask your Regional Director for Price & Availability)
Big Bucks Option (pays top 3 option teams): $??.?? (Ask your Regional Director for Price & Availability)
Easy Money (The best odds!): $??.?? (Ask your Regional Director for Price & Availability)
Double Down (You never know!): $??.?? (Ask your Regional Director for Price & Availability)
Biggest Bass (pays 1 big Bass spot): $??.?? (Ask your Regional Director for Price & Availability)
There are also special Options in some regions

Any Questions? Call (714) 423-4532 or email us through the “Contact Us” page on this website.