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A few Last Minute Reminders!


• Official Practice round (Wednesday & Thursday) has restrictions:

Pre-tournament practice on Wednesday November 1st and Thursday November 2nd.  No “non-competitors” are allowed in competitors boats without prior approval by American Bass.  This includes filming crew(s).  The tournament director may grant permission for a child, wife or film crew to ride in the boat during the pre-fish days if it is approved prior to the first day of pre-fish.  Call the American Bass office (714) 423-4532 if you would like to request approval.  American Bass will evaluate the request and make a decision to allow or not allow.  If any request is allowed, the guest is not allowed to fish or contribute in any way to fishing activities.  Competitors are allowed to fish alone, without their partner.  Partners may pre-fish alone in two boats during the Official Pre-Fish.  Teams must fish together in one boat during competition days.

• All boats must/competitors be off the water or inside their launching marina by 4:00PM on Thursday. 

• Registration at the Cookhouse Restraunt 

• Launching/Parking at Bridge Bay Resort is $20/day.

• Parking only for single vehicles is $12

• Bridge Bay will discount gas $1.00/gal for tournament competitors

• A Limited number of Slips are available for $25/Night at Bridge Bay

• Quagga Mussel info:  

Boats registered in California should have the state issued Quagga Mussel affixed to the hull.  “Out-of-State” boats do NOT need a sticker.  There is no inspection prior to launch.  As always, all boats should be Clean & Dry prior to launching on any body of water.