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Jeff Lenard & Erich Cline    


Experience some of the best Bass Fishing in the world

Resort:  Ron Speed Jr's Adventures

Outfitter:  Jim Waits (928) 210-3372


"This trip was awesome!!"


Lake Picachos in Mexico:  February 17th-19th, 2018.  

Primary Patterns:  Spinnerbaits (BIG Spinnerbaits!) and Plastic Lizards

Numbers:  This was just our boat... 

                               Day 1:  135 Bass boated!   

                               Day 2:  155 Bass boated!

                               Day 3:  We quit counting at 125 Bass!

The average size was excellent, the best we have had at Picachos.  We probably had 100 bass over 4 pounds during our 3 days of fishing.  Lot's of double hookup's of 4+ pounders!  We had a lot of 5's and some 6's.  The best fish in our boat was 6-1/2.  The best in our group was a fish real close to 10 pounds!

Here are a few of our photos.  (The bite was so good you didn't want to take the time to take photos!)

Plan to go on the next trip...WE ARE!

To book your trip, call Jim Waits at (928) 210-3372. 


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Great equipment for Picachos:  Tatula Series Rods and Reels from Diawa (TAT721FHB, TAT701MLRB, 721HFB, 721MHRB, TAT761FHB)

Line:  Samurai Braid and J-Braid fishing Line