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Jim & Kathy Waits    


Want to have an amazing Bass Fishing Adventure with your special lady?  A trip to Lake Picachos, Mexico, is the place!

Resort:  Ron Speed Jr's Adventures

Outfitter:  Jim Waits (928) 210-3372


"We had an Amazing Trip!!"


Hi Everyone,

Jim Waits here. I have another outstanding fishing trip to tell you about! I took my wife Kathy for the first time to fish Mexico at the new Lake Picachos!

It's incredible! Experienced fishermen can expect to catch about 100 to 200 fish a day! She only fished about a day and a half and she boated about 50! Her biggest was on a 2.5 square bill! It weighed 5 pounds! And she caught several over 4 pounds too!


El Salto and Picachos have a lot of wood and trees. Normally for rookies a spinnerbait is a good choice and she caught plenty on that too. But the new square bills are designed to come thru the wood without getting hung up and they work great! I used it also. All sizes work, but the bigger 2.5 floats up faster when you hit a tree and comes over it no problem. White or Chartreuse are good choices in the Mexico lakes. The 8" Zoom lizard - watermelon red flake is always the most dependable plastic! Dip the tail in chartreuse.


On this Picachos trip I caught 5 pounders in 2 feet of water and we also found the big schools deep in about 15 to 30 feet. The best bait was always plastic's, but the reaction bite was strong and so fun! Slow roll a big 1 oz. spinner bait deep or big cranks on heavy braid and hold on! Lots of double hook ups!


You don't need to know where to go or what to throw. The camps are busy and Ron Speed's crew has a dozen guides on the water with fishermen everyday. The guides pool their information and they keep their clients on fish! It's pretty much guaranteed since they do work for tips. They work really hard for you and unhook every fish too. They make sure each person will catch fish, what ever their ability level is. My wife caught so many she was happy and I took her to Mazatlan early to lay on the beach! We stayed at a beautiful resort with an ocean view, the El Cid Castilla, which we also get a discounted rate thru Ron Speed Jr.'s Adventure's. It's a five star resort and they offer all inclusive packages too! The food and drinks are great and so is the service! We enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the patio restaurant right on the beach! We've been doing this a long time. One of the guys in our group fished with a buddy while his wife stayed in Mazatlan on the beach the whole time! Win-Win!


If you're dreaming of a trip soon or would like to join one of our groups, just call and we can answer any questions you might have. Everybody's welcome, team partners, wives and girlfriends too!

Good Luck, Noworrys!

Jim Waits

Plan to go on the next trip...WE ARE!

To book your trip, call Jim Waits at (928) 210-3372. 





Great equipment for Picachos:  Tatula Series Rods and Reels from Diawa (TAT721FHB, TAT701MLRB, 721HFB, 721MHRB, TAT761FHB)

Line:  Samurai Braid and J-Braid fishing Line