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Jason Sutherland    


Experience some of the best Bass Fishing in the world

Resort:  Ron Speed Jr's Adventures

Outfitter:  Jim Waits (928) 210-3372

     We made a trip to the awesome new Lake Picashos in Mexico in April.  This lake is only about 5 or 6 years old so we didn't know how many big fish we would catch but we were told that we would catch lot of fish!

   We flew into Mazatlan.  It is an easy flight with direct service from lots of airports.  For those of you who have not traveled to Mexico, the process is easy and completely safe.  To make it even better, we traveled with the outfitter, Jim Waits.  Jim has 30+ fishing trips to Mexico, both fresh and saltwater.  Jim also knows the language.  Jim knows all of the proceedures so you don't even have to think about anything but catching bass!

   Another really nice feature is how close the lake is to the airport.  It felt lake we drove down the street and we were there!  We were having fun goofing in the van but I am pretty sure we never even got on a highway.  It probably took 30-40 minutes.

   Below I have a few of the fish I caught on day 1.  You can see that there are some nice one.  I caught a lot of 2-6 pounders during the trip.  I didn't catch any really big ones on this trip but Jim had one over 10 lbs!  I had a good one on a spinnerbait take me in heavy trees.  We got to se her jump before she tree'ed me and it would have been my best of the trip.

   On the first morning we did not get bit at our first spot so me moved.  After a few casts I had my first fish, a 6-pounder!  After a couple of photos I cast out again, another 6-pounder!  Don't get me wrong, we did not catch 6-pounders all day but my first 2 fish of the trip were nice-ones!

   My best bait was a Bomber Citrus Shad Crankbait.  At times the bite was rediculous!  There was a couple times each day when I fish on every cast.  Most of these fish were in the 1-3/4 to 3 pound class.  Then you would get the 3-5 pounder with an occational 6.  I received a new nick-name, "Senior Crankbait".  I can live with that!

   Most boats land about 40-100 fish per day.  Some guys from Texas reported 100 fish the first afternoon they fished.  We saw them on the water the next day and they were killing it on plastics in the same area were were fishing reaction baits.

   Everyone in our group had a great time.  I think most of the boats in our group caught more fish than we did, and we did pretty good!

   As much fun as the fishing is, the commardiery is what makes these trips great.  Great food, great service, great time with friends and great fishing.  This is why you have to make one of these trips!

     Put Lake Picachos on your Bucket List, then scratch it off ASAP by booking your trip soon!  I strongly suggest booking through Jim Waits.  Jim will give you detailed info on the EXACT baits to take.  This will save you hours of time and potectially hundreds of $$$ in unnecessary tackle purchases.  You will also take the right amount of tackle.  Nothing worse than only taking two bags of the "right" baits and going through them before lunch on the first day!  That's when you find out who your real friends are!!!

     To book your trip, call Jim Waits at (928) 210-3372. 

Jason Sutherland


Go here to see a video of all the catches from Day 1 in our boat.

It is almost an hour long, but all it shows is fish after fish!


A few of the nice fish I caught on day 1 of a 3 day trip!


lake picachos mexico bass jay 5

lake picachos mexico bass jay 4

lake picachos mexico bass jay 2

lake picachos mexico bass jay 3

lake picachos mexico bass jay 9

lake picachos mexico bass jay 1

 lake picachos mexico bass jay 6

lake picachos mexico bass jay 7

lake picachos mexico bass jay 8

The equipment and baits I used were:  Tatula Series Rods and Reels from Diawa (TAT721FHB, TAT701MLRB, 721HFB, 721MHRB, TAT761FHB) Samurai Braid and J-Braid fishing Line, Bomber Fat-Free Shad in the Citrus Shad color, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits Senkos, Yum Dinger, Yum Lizzards, Stike King 10XD, we shot our footage using GoPro Hero4 black cameras.