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If you are looking for the Ultimate

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Ron Speed Jr. with another big Comedero Bass!


Jim Waits just told us that he was able to get 4 additional spots for a trip to Lake Comedero on March 30th – April 3rd. These spots opened up due to a cancellation in another group. 

Getting a spot for a Lake Comedero trip is very tough. You typically have to book these trips more than a year in advance, and prime dates are even tougher to get. 

Why Lake Comedero? Comedero is twice the size of El Salto (34,000 acres at full pool), twice as deep, and absolutely FULL OF GIANT BASS! Everyone knows how amazing El Salto is. Think of Comedero as El Salto with no fishing pressure!

Very few anglers get the opportunity to fish this famous lake…you can be one of the few!

This trip is on Easter weekend, probably the reason the 4 guys cancelled. We know that this will be an issue for a lot of anglers. If this is not a deal breaker, you should join this trip!


The Ron Speed Jr’s Package includes:

  • Lodging (3 nights)
  • Guided fishing and Boat (3 days)
  • Meals
  • Beverages – unlimited alcohol included – including Top Shelf Liquor! This also includes beer in the boat!
  • Fishing License
  • Use of Rods (if you want to leave your rods home)
  • Free use of Satellite Phone
  • Cuban cigars

The package cost is $1,795.00


Not Included:

  • Airfare to and from Mazatlan
  • Ground transportation from Mazatlan (Round Trip)
  • Tackle
  • Reels
  • Gratuities
  • Last night stay in Mazatlan

This trip will be booked through Jim Waits and Ron Speed Jr's Adventures. Jim Waits Books his trips exclusively through Ron Speed Jr's Adventures. Ron Speed Jr's Adventures is the premiere outfitter for Bass Fishing in Mexico. This is a first class organization that started the business of Bass Fishing in Mexico more than 40 years ago by Ron Speed Sr. No detail is overlooked. Jim Waits and Ron Speed Jr. put together trips that you will remember for a lifetime!


Here is a brief description of how the trip works:

  • You will fly to Mazatlan
  • 3-Hour ride to the lake in a professionally driven full size van (stocked with drinks)
  • Accommodations are clean and comfortable, no frills
  • The food and drinks are excellent and plentiful. 3 hot meals each day, top quality
  • All of the staff are excellent, attentive, fun and respectful
  • Rods are available if you want to borrow theirs (you can certainly bring your own)
  • Each morning you will be awaken by the host. You will have a full hot breakfast.
  • You will be assigned your guide for the day.
  • You will be on the water at first light.
  • The boats are excellent, Xpress models
  • You have a full time guide that will take you to the hottest areas and put you on the bite. They will assist with anything you need. All catch & release.
  • You will come in for a hot lunch and a quick siesta
  • Then you head out for the afternoon. You will come in as it gets dark.
  • You will be hungry and the food and drinks will be ready for you! Each night is a theme. There will be a THICK Rib-Eye Steak Night, Lobster/Seafood night, Authentic Mexican Food Night. The food is excellent!
  • Dinner is the time to talk about all of the great experiences from the day, the camaraderie with the group is priceless!
  • After dinner it’s time to get your gear ready for the next day of fishing… and maybe a nightcap.
  • When your gear is ready and the stories are finished, it’s time for bed.


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Jim Waits will personally work with you on every detail including

tackle/baits/techniques to make your trip a huge success!


Bass fishing never has a guaranteed outcome, but this trip could be the epic trip of a lifetime. Lake Comedero is known for huge numbers of large and giant bass and the time and conditions are prime for an amazing trip! 40-60 fish per day per boat is average. 100 fish days are very common. Last year, Ron Speed Jr. personally told Jim Waits that Denny Brauer and his partner boated 30 fish over 8-pounds in a single day! 

If you are not familiar with Lake Comedero, it’s probably because so few anglers get to experience it. Denny Brauer and Jimmy Houston have been on Ron Speed Jr's Pro Staff for many years and they both love this lake! You may have seen TV shows at Comedero. Is so, you know how great this lake is!


If you are interested, contact Jim Waits ASAP. When these 4 spots are filled, you will have to wait until there is another trip with an opening. Right now, there are only a few 2018 spots available! Call Jim for availability.

Jim Waits: (928) 210-3372

Email: [email protected]


Merry Christmas...to you!