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Top 10 List For Bass Fishing in Mexico 


Jim Waits - Bass Fishing in Mexico
You decided that you want to experience the best bass fishing in the are ready to take a trip to Mexico! There is no doubt that you made the right decision, now you need a little planning to make the most out of your trip. Our choice is to travel through Ron Speed Jr's Adventures and to book your trip through Jim Waits. In our opinion, Jim is the best outfitter in the country. Jim will always go the extra mile to get you the most current information on EXACTLY what you need to take to make the most out of your trip. After-all, it is still bass fishing and there are lures and techniques that will produce better results on any trip. Jim does not simply say to bring crankbait and spinnerbait, he will give you exact details on how to customize and rig to produce the best results. The hooks to change, the exact size blades to change, exact colors, sizes, etc. Jim is not only an outfitter, he is one of the most successful competitors in the west. He has 12 Angler of the Year titles and 29 wins (and counting) with American Bass! Jim has also been fishing Mexico bass lakes for more than 20 years. Jim Waits (928) 210-3372




The first thing you need to know is how few spots are available to fish these lakes! Jim Waits is an Outfitter with Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures. For decades, Ron Speed has run one of the finest fishing lodges in Mexico. They are dedicated to making your trip the best experience possible. There are only about 16 spots per day on El Salto and 24 spots per day on Picachos and the lakes are not open year-round. People from all around the world come to fish these incredible lakes. This is another reason you want to book with a great outfitter. A quality outfitter like Jim Waits gets first pick of blocking trips for groups of clients. The sooner you can to plan a trip, the better the chances of getting to go!


Cheap AirOK, you are are ready to book your trip to Mexico, now you have to decide which lake to fish! Lake El Salto is the king of Big Bass lakes! When the big bass bite is on, there is no better big bass lake in the world...period. You fly to Mazatlan, get in the van that Ron Speed Jr’s arranges for you through a professional transportation service, and in about 2-hours of highway driving you arrive at the lake. Lake Picachos is the newest bass lake in Mexico, started filling around 2009 and opened to fishing in late 2014. It is a very quick and easy 45-minute ride straight out of town. The fishing is already amazing. The numbers of bass can be staggering. The average size is not yet as big as El Salto and you typically are not catching as many big fish, but the fishing can be absolutely awesome. Most of the trips at Picachos already has the “better fish” of the trip in the 8-10 lb class. There are typically lots of 4-7 pounders. On our first trip to Picachos in 2015, our first two fish on day 1 weighed over 6 pounds, nice start to the morning! Decisions, Decisions! Maybe book both, talk to Jim about the possibility of fishing two or three days at each lake!


If you do not have a passport, you need to get one ASAP. The process is simple, but it takes time, about 4-6 weeks after you apply. You can expedite the process. It adds cost and still takes about 3 weeks. Don’t put this off in your planning. Also, you cannot use your passport to travel to Mexico if the expiration date is within 6 months of your trip. If this applies to you, get it renewed early.


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Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures offers rods for you to use for free so you can just take your reels and borrow rods. If you plan to take your own rods, make a list of the weights/actions and call Jim. You might need to add a couple of rods to your collection that will be perfect for these big bass!


5 - LINE!

You might already fish heavy line. If not, you need to talk to Jim. These bass are big and they are strong! They also live in some nasty trees brush and other vegetation. All of that adds up to fishing with gear that will give you a chance to land big fish, lots of them. Braid, Flouro, Mono... You can choose your favorite line type but again, I recommend talking to Jim. Our favorite braid is J-Braid! This line is incredible and is a great value.


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There are certain lures that always produce in Mexico. Two that come to mind are Lizards and crankbaits. If you only take Black Lizards and Citrus Shad Crankbaits on your trip, you will catch a bunch of bass no matter the time of year. But you are going to Mexico to have the trip of a lifetime. You might be going during an insane frog bite, spinnerbait bite, swimbait bite, etc. Quantity is another consideration. If you hear that there is a great bite on Tequilla Sunrise Lirards and 5” Sexy Shad Swimbaits, don’t show up with two packs of each and expect to fish for three days. I have had several trips where at lunch on the very first day guys are asking to buy baits off their buddies because they are already out! Remember, it is common to catch catch 30-100 fish every morning and again every afternoon EACH DAY! You can go through “more than a few” baits on these trips.


The food and service are outstanding. Maybe take a pair of pants with a stretchy waist band. You might overeat just a little. Unlimited bottled water, soda, beer, margaritas, and an open bar round off the experience.


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Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures uses a professional transportation service to take you to and from the airport. The drivers are great and take very good care of you are your gear.


The guides are great. They work very hard to assure that you have a great trip. They will look through your tackle to see what you have to best match the conditions and current bite. They will handle the fish and are amazing at getting lures out of trees. You will get hung-up quite a bit, just hand off your rod and let the guides work their magic. The reason for the guides handling the fish... when you are catching 75-200 fish per boat per day (typical days in Mexico), your hands get pretty torn up. Also, dealing with that many treble hooks in the mouths of 5-pounders can be tricky.


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There is not a better experience in fishing than to end the day with a great meal, a cold drink and great stories from the days catches while you are rigging up for the next day of fishing. Get a group of fishing buddies together and plan a trip to Mexico for a trip everyone will remember forever. (Don’t be surprised if it turns into an annual trip of your life!) Are you ready to go? Call Jim Waits to see if he can get you in on one of his scheduled upcoming trips or you can give him your dates and he will start working on making your trip the best it can be!

Jim Waits

(928) 210-3372

Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures

(800) 722-0006


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