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American BassĀ® Team Open Presented by Lucas Oil


Due to these events being Team Tournaments, there are sometimes concerns about rules being followed. To insure the integrity of Showcase Team events, American Bass has Truth Verification exams which are administered by professional examiners during or at the conclusion of the events. Any contestant competing in this event may be asked, and must submit to a polygraph or other truth verification examination upon request by tournament officials. Successful completion of an exam is required for any team to be declared as the winner. Successful completion is at the discretion of the tournament of - ficials and the examiners. Their decision is final. American Bass has used this process for 24 years. We have never had a team be denied a prize. However, we have had teams decline to take an examine. None of these teams have been the leader at any of our events at the time of the exam. The weights for these teams were zeroed at that event and they are banned from future American Bass events.

If any angler will not agree to submission to a truth verification exam, that angler/team needs to withdraw prior to the start of competition. Any angler who refuses prior to competition will be ineligible for future events. Any angler who refuses after the event will forfeit any winnings that would have been earned upon successful completion of the exam and will be ineligible for future events.

In our 30 year history we have had very few problems. We are committed to stay vigilant in maintaining the integrity of our events. We are not trying to sound punitive, we just want to make it clear to everyone that this is a very important tool in our effort to make big-money team tournament meet the highest standards.

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