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Many have heard about the spread of the quagga mussel throughout Southern California. It has be- come very prevalent throughout lakes and reservoirs along the Colorado River chain. The good news is it hasn’t been found in any lake other than on the Colorado River and it needs to stay that way! Water Districts all over the State are reviewing and defining their policies on external boats being launched. Some are requiring inspections, while others have some restrictions based on city/county of origin and a few have already prevented all launching. Bass anglers need to step up and do their share to prevent the spread of the mussel. As a group, we can do a few things to help minimize the chances of spreading the mussel and they include:

Stop the mussel, Be Clean & Dry

Be Clean & Dry 1. Remove your bilge plug upon exiting the lake. 2. Drain your lower unit. 3. Clean and dry your livewells. Ensure there are no scales, crawdad parts or dirt in your livewells. 4. Clean and dry your boat and trailer. Ensure there is no debris or plant life on your trailer before you leave the parking lot.

Most importantly, spread the word and place a Clean & Dry sticker on your tow vehicle and boat trailer!